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Essentially Yours by Toya

Fineapple Candle

Fineapple Candle

Meet Fineapple. Her description might be a play on words but she has powerful notes to remind you of who tf you are! A balance of sweetness, sass, herbal notes and authenticity. She is giving us rich auntie in her fragrant garden vibes. Fineapple is infused with pineapple of course, peach nectar, palm, green leaves, sage, anise, sugar and so much more. Let her take your home on a scent-ful adventure.

- 9 oz jar of 100% natural soy wax
- Hand poured with sass and love in Hartford, CT
- Vegan, safe, phthalate free, cotton wicks

BURN TIME : 50+ hours

* Be sure to trim your wick 1/4 inches before each burn.