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Do you ever feel like your feet aren't on the ground? Like you're floating above all that is earthy, green and fresh? Take your sense of grounding to a whole new level with this bundle. Imagine planting your feet in a safe space. This space is fresh, wet + delightfully green. When you want to create an oasis of calm, this bundle is the right fit. This custom set of products ensures you feel a sense of peace in the most authentic way. Our Grounded bundle is designed to bring a smile to your face, provide comfort and relaxation in your environment, and empower you to do everything from taking care of yourself, or leave that stress at work behind. It's all about breathing space, letting life pass by, and feeling at ease within yourself. We take self care and relaxation to a whole another level by adding earthy wood notes and greens to sweet spring florals. Let us take care of you!

Each bundle can include :

- Home + Linen Spray + 8 oz candle tin (free wax melt)

*candle and linen spray can be purchased separately