When it comes to our kings, they don’t play around. They are fully confident in who they are and it comes through in the way they carry themselves. This candle defines the masculinity that our kings exude. It is sensual, spicy, yet fresh. With notes of pineapple, bamboo, lavender, cedar, dark musk, it's giving masulinity. But we can't forget how King appeals to the softer side, with sweet and sensual notes of grapefruit, lemon and citrus. Its sexy undertone of agave and lemon peel is what makes this candle shines the most.

Invoke your inner king by lighting this sexy and soothing blend. Made with natural soy wax and coconut wax blend, this masculine blend will give any space a touch of confident sophistication.

- 12 oz vessel of coconut soy wax
- Hand poured with sass and love in Hartford, CT
- Vegan, safe, phthalate free, wooden wicks

BURN TIME: 100+ hours

*Be sure to trim your wick 1/4 inches before each burn.