Stress, Meet Your Matcha

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As the warm, soothing scent fills the air, it envelops you in a sense of tranquility and peace. The delicate aromas of premium tea leaves mingle with subtle hints of citrus and floral notes, creating a captivating fragrance that lingers long after the candle has been lit.

Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or simply enjoy a quiet moment to yourself, this ambiance setting scent is the perfect accompaniment. As you breathe in the gentle fragrance, you'll feel your worries and stress melt away, replaced by a sense of calm and serenity.

So why not indulge in a little self-care and treat yourself to the luxurious experience of this fragrance? Whether you're sipping tea, reading a book, or simply enjoying a moment of quiet reflection, this ambiance setting scent will help you create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and contemplation.

- 12 oz vessel of coconut soy wax
- Hand poured with sass and love in Hartford, CT
- Vegan, safe, phthalate free, wooden wicks

BURN TIME: 100+ hours

*Be sure to trim your wick 1/4 inches before each burn.