3 John 1:2

$14.00 - $25.00

Image of 3 John 1:2

“In the last few months, I have dealt with some heavy stuff. I have survived many storms in the past to be scared of a puddle. But this hits different when it hit close to home. Even though doubt crept in, my faith never wavered. When you loose someone close to you, receive a bad medical report, deal with depression and anxiety and general life just comes crashing on you, it’s hard to maintain faith. It’s like living in a whirlpool of mixed emotions. But one day I went looking for something in my business notes and came across this idea I saved for a later. I couldn’t find a better time to release this candle because it has been a comfort to my soul as well as an uplifting reminder that God has me in the palm of his hands. It’s literally a gift I been saving for you too. I introduce, 3 John 1:2 ( Gardenia Tuberose) I hope it blesses you and restores you where you needed it most. Because the Soul Comfort Collection is a reminder of God meeting you wherever you are.

*Gardenia Tuberose is infused with gardenia, lemon peel, tuberose, jasmine, green floral, and so much more.